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Paintings by Caroline Mars, haikus by Rita van der Werf
Available via Sogetsu Branch Nederland

Language:  Dutch, 120 pages
Paperback  € 18,50


caroline mars asian art exhibition gangneung korea cheong pooong gallery pyeongchang2018 winterolympics

MBC - Korean Television - February 2018
My exhibition in Cheong Pooong Gallery,
Gangneung, South Korea

caroline mars art korean television recording

MBC - Korean Television - Summer 2017
TV program about inspiration ahead of my exhibition 
in Gangneung (Olympic Wintergames 2018)

caroline mars asian elements book verbeelding


Paintings by Caroline Mars, poems by Ronald da Costa.
Available at the bookshops in Oegstgeest, the Netherlands
or via

Publisher:  Vliedorp
Language:  Dutch, 46 pages
Paperback  € 14,50  -  ISBN/EAN 978-90-6048-041-6


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